Saturday, December 11, 2010

There is no bad weather - just unprepared people

Easy for me to say while gazing from my cozy fireplace lit family room at the blizzard of the decade,  Wow 24 inches already down!  I haven't seen a white-out like this in twenty years.  And this is Minnesota!  I love watching snow blow sideways at 40 miles per hour.  Lovely! Nature at its finest!  Bull!  It's deadly out there!  Or is it?

Remember the song, "Baby it's cold outside"?  I love the version with Dean Martin and Dinah Shore where he is devilishly seducing her to stay.  It just goes with Christmas doesn't it?  Kinda sings itself.  Well, it was cold out side- zero with the windchill.  But, by gosh I was prepared.  On went the fleece, turtleneck, down coat, rain pants, heavy boots, ski mask, and out I went - fully prepared. 

The alternative was tempting - stoke the fire, turn on the game, call my snow plow guy, and take a nap.  Sound better?  It always does.  Besides, I had some emails to answer, a couple really important proposals, some nagging projects to think through, and I wanted to work out later.  Oh, and of course I owed you a blog.  Lots to do, ya know?

But, the snow kept falling and the Neanderthal driven lure to conquer nature overtook me.  I was prepared, and initiated a hell of a work out.  While shoveling and blowing snow my head wrote the letter, thought through the problems, cleaned up a flabby proposal, played with the dog, filled my lungs with fresh air, made all of my neighbors jealous, made my wife happy, and above all walked proudly without obstruction to retrieve my newspaper.   

Sometimes the only way to get anything done is to put one foot in front of the other.  And when you are prepared (no matter what the task) there is no bad weather.

Be a Breakaway!

See ya soon

Mike Kerrison

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